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Wang Yi: The More We Do to Usher in a New Era of China-Japan Relations, the More We Need to Consolidate the Political Foundation of Bilateral Relations

On October 26, 2019, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended and addressed the opening ceremony of the 15th Beijing-Tokyo Forum in Beijing.

Wang Yi said, China-Japan relations have undergone important and positive changes. The interests of the two countries have never been so widely and deeply integrated, and the development of the two countries has never been so directly and closely linked. The two countries share more and more common interests and concerns and shoulder more and more common responsibilities and missions. The new era calls on us to forge a more mature and stable China-Japan relations and write a new chapter of win-win cooperation. The new era calls on us to jointly promote regional development and prosperity and usher in a new future for Asia. The new era calls on us to shoulder our due international responsibilities and make new contributions to regional and global stability and development.

Wang Yi said, the two sides should take the important consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries on building China-Japan relations that fit the needs of the new era as the guidance, consolidate the foundation, increase the impetus, remove interference and open up a bright future for bilateral relations in the new era.

China and Japan should build a higher level of political mutual trust. The more we do to usher in a new era, the more we need to consolidate our foundation, abide by the principles enshrined in the four political documents between China and Japan, and honor our commitments on issues related to history and Taiwan. There is no room for vagueness, slacking, or even backsliding.

China and Japan should carry out mutually beneficial cooperation of higher quality. We should give full play to our respective strengths, further deepen and expand bilateral economic and trade cooperation, constantly blaze new paths and create new highlights for our practical cooperation, further expand our common interests and achieve high-quality mutual benefit and win-win results.

China and Japan should promote more colorful people-to-people and cultural exchanges. We should learn how to explore spiritual identity from history and culture, and increase common cognition from the exchanges and interactions in the new era. We should promote people-to-people bonds and constantly improve the friendly feelings among our two peoples, and we should make China-Japan relations more heart-warming.

China and Japan should play a more active leading role in regional affairs. We should respond more positively to the expectations of countries in the region, accelerate negotiations on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and China-Japan-ROK (Republic of Korea) free trade area, and lead the process of regional cooperation and integration in Asia.

China and Japan should build a more constructive security relationship. We need to enhance mutual trust in security, replace suspicion and prevention with dialogue and exchanges, strengthen weak areas in security, and ride over security difficulties. We should advocate and practice a new vision of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, respect the legitimate security interests and concerns of all parties, oppose any party's pursuit of its own security at the expense of others, and play a constructive role in maintaining global strategic balance and stability.

China and Japan should strengthen more strategic multilateral cooperation. Facing the prevalence of unilateralism and rising protectionism, we should carry forward the spirit of partnership, take a clear-cut stand to defend the international system with the United Nations (UN) as the core, champion multilateralism and free trade, and work together to cope with global challenges as well as promote global governance, to inject more stability and positive energy into the world today.

The Beijing-Tokyo Forum was initiated by China Daily and Japan's Genron NPO in 2005. Since 2015, the annual forum has been held in Beijing or Tokyo in turn by China International Publishing Group and Genron NPO. More than 600 distinguished guests attended this year's forum, including Xu Lin, Deputy Head of the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and Director of the State Council Information Office; former Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda of Japan, former UN Under-Secretary-General Yasushi Akashi, parliament members of Japan's political parties, as well as government officials, university representatives, experts, scholars and eminent personages from China and Japan. Before the opening ceremony, Wang Yi met with Japanese principal representatives attending the forum.


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